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Anything, Anywhere.

Putting you in full control of your fleet or assets from any device. Reduce your operational costs and improve business productivity, safety and security.

Whatever You Are Tracking, We Have The Solution

Fleet Tracking

Tracks Inc GPS Solutions specializes in streamlining fleet operations by providing powerful GPS tracking systems, connecting companies with their fleets and assets to provide valuable information that dramatically reduces operating costs and increases efficiency.

We believe that tracking your fleet should be easy and cost effective.  Our powerful user-friendly software powerful combines innovative features with the industries fastest reporting intervals at the most competitive price.  No limitations and no hidden fees.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Track in real-time with the industry’s fastest reporting intervals. Geofence and alerts keep you informed of any violations due to poor driving or restricted zone entry.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Decrease your fuel costs by managing aggressive driving, acceleration, and speeding. Reduce idle time and improve routing.

Increase Productivity

Do more and increase productivity. Optimize tasks and dispatch more efficiently. Knowing where all your fleet vehicles are at all time increases driver accountability such as when vehicles are taken home for the weekend.

Reduce Payroll Cost

Accurately account for work hours, mileage and fuel usage. Eliminate payroll disputes with the ability to provide detailed logs and reports.

Live Map

Real Time Alerts

Fleet Route Replay

Driving Behavior

Live Tracking


Driver ID


Sensory Status

Fleet Maintenance

Auto Dealers & Finance

Lend smarter and safer! The lowest dealership repossession cost is the one you don’t have to make. We provide the sub prime industry with more features and performance at the guaranteed lowest price. Our mission is to make tracking and recovering your assets simple and cost effective.

Our powerful user-friendly web platform and hardware are engineered for the challenges of managing, tracking and recovering vehicle collateral. Say goodbye to once-a-day updates, tokens and extra fees. We provide all the features, more frequent updates, and recovery mode featuring 10 second intervals and Safe Starter Kill.

Professional Installation

Any car, any time. Our professional installers are experienced and able to install on any vehicle with starter interrupt. Same day installations, no problem!

Vehicle Recovery

We’re here when you need us most. Our Recovery Mode offers high performance 10 second intervals and Safe Ignition Kill until your vehicle is recovered. All at no extra charge.

Lowest Price

Because we provide your hardware, software, cellular and installation, we’re able to offer the lowest price anywhere. We’ll beat any price, and still provide higher performance and more features.

More frequent updates

Our service includes location report every few hours and on demand. This is important, so you know where your asset is most likely to be found if recovery is needed.

Personal & Asset Tracking

Whether it’s rental equipment, tractor, a pet, drone or container, each application requires different hardware and settings. We specialize in tailoring our devices, firmware, web platform and data plan to fit your application and provide maximum performance at the lowest possible cost to your business.

Our clean-look user friendly web platform and mobile app make it easy for you to monitor your tracker on any PC, tablet or Mobile Device.


Rental Equipment





Asset Transport